When we talk about new game releases, it can be easy to get caught up in the spectacle of AAA releases. The games from big developers with big budgets, massive teams and seemingly unlimited resources at their disposal. These titles tend to offer a mind boggling array of content across […]

When designing a triple-A smash hit game, companies tend to go all-in. This usually means aseembling a large team of very talented individuals, each with unique skills and specialties. Look at the likes of Rockstar or Ubisoft and you’ll find companies with hundreds of staff working tirelessly to create worlds […]

Video games are massive projects, with hundreds of people working together to create an incredible final product. All elements are important — graphics, gameplay, writing — but the soundtracks are often overlooked.  A good soundtrack enhances a game, creating tension where otherwise you would be bored, hyping you for a […]