Arc System Works Tokyo Game Show Recap!

Arc System Works Tokyo Game Show 2018

With the Tokyo Game Show having wrapped up completely, we will look at a favorite among many fighting game fans. Arc System Works happens to be a smaller company, but they make beautiful games with such inspiring artwork. They have made an impact in the fighting genre, with games such as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. […]

Dr. DisRespect: What Exactly Happened?

Early afternoon, between around 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST on Sept. 11, 2018, live-streamer Dr. DisRespect was seen responding to a noise he had heard during stream. You could hear a small portion of it during the stream and see some confusion as to what was happening at the time. Dr. DisRespect leaves to go check […]

Why You Should Watch Games Done Quick

I consider myself fine in sports like football or just shooting hoops for fun, but I hold no illusions about my… let’s say… lack of athletic ability. In sports, there will always be someone better. But even with my love of video games, I cannot escape competition. Speedrunning is the competitive act of trying to […]

Streamer dupes UFC viewers

Twitch streamer A.J. Lester has achieved viral fame with his clever tactic of pretending to play UFC 2 in order to broadcast a real UFC event. (Lester “playing” UFC) While streaming live sporting events without a license is illegal, Lester_Gaming pulled off the ruse by doing what any Twitch streamer does, he played in the corner.  […]

Interview with EmericaGirl24

In a new series I’m looking to start, I want to drop an interview with streamers every week to highlight them! This week’s streamer is EmericaGirl24!   What is your Twitch/Mixer username? EmericaGirl24   What games do you normally stream? I play a TON of Overwatch but, I’m slowly introducing more multiplayer games!   What […]