In honour of the ps2, we did a piece on the underrated games that didn’t quite receive the acclaim they deserved. You can check it out here. How is it that we as gamers haven’t learned from our mistakes? How are we still not giving respect to all the stellar […]

Yesterday, EA and Respawn released their newest Titanfall game, Apex Legends, a battle royale with a class system similar to Overwatch. If that sounds disappointing to you, don’t lose hope! EA has confirmed that they have another Titanfall project in the works, although it might not be 3… In their […]

Speculation is one of the many things gamers love to do when waiting on the next installment of a series. Probably the best first-person shooter of 2016 gave us a spectacular story of a rookie pilot and his seasoned Titan. Titanfall 2 gave us the first campaign within the series […]