The second issue in this mini-series offers what the first issue didn’t, exposition! You start to learn about the characters and the world of Yharnam and the Bloodborne franchise. The Hunter is trying to create a different world that he/she inhabits. Its comparable¬† to the doll world where you find […]

Titan Comics’ Assassin Creed: Origins¬†explores a tale of Aya in her younger days; which is set before the events of the game. This first issue starts off with an amazing scene involving Cleopatra. She introduces her childhood friend as someone who stands in the face of adversity. The entire issue […]

A brand new comic book series based on PlayStation’s Bloodborne franchise. At first, it seemed odd to make a comic book using a game whose narrative isn’t on the forefront. The videogame Bloodborne doesn’t tell much other than what players can glean from the environment and certain NPCs(Non-Playable¬†Characters). Several Wikipedia […]

As a person who isn’t that much of a comic reader, Wolfenstein Volume 1 was a pleasant surprise to read and was a treat to look at visually. Having reviewed the digital version of the comic, I found it an enticing and interesting experience. The story so far Wolfenstein volume […]