Sylvain Runberg adds to Stieg Larsson’s Millennium crime novel trilogy with The Girl Who Danced with Death comic book series. The original set of books were such a huge success that they received multiple film adaptations. Firstly adapted for Swedish cinema and then later by David Fincher for Hollywood audiences. […]

Titan Comics are a world renowned graphic novel and comic book publisher, working alongside creator-owned comic books from new and world-renowned talent, and classic graphic novels re-mastered for brand-new audiences. With New York Comic Con rapidly approaching, we have gained information on what will be available and debuted by Titan Comics […]

Not all stories start with a beginning, middle and end. Writers and storytellers will often use the middle as a starting point while transitioning back to the beginning to give the reader context. Only a handful of times will that story structure work but more often than not, the payoff isn’t […]

Another entry in this beautiful and stunning Dark Souls comic book series. In my previous review, I mentioned how the art style is one of the best aspects of about this series. Each panel looks like an oil/acrylic painting that leaps out of the page. You can take almost any […]

This is the final issue of this four-part miniseries of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Please read my previous reviews in case you haven’t been following this fun side story featuring Aya from the hit game Assassin’s Creed: Origins. We finally get the conclusion to both Aya’s and Cleopatra’s storylines while exploring the […]

Dark Souls isn’t going to be outdone by the likes of Bloodborne’s own comic book series! Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep is a series filled with mystery that explores the darkness of illness and The Hunt. That series cleverly uses game mechanics to add to its story but Dark Souls, on the other hand, takes […]

Each issue of Assassin’s Creed: Origin starts off with a small epilogue involving Cleopatra and her son. She is training her son in the ways of armed combat and crucial aspects of being a leader such as trust, loyalty, and deception. Cleopatra helps her son understand these important traits by recounting […]