This Week In Video Game History (Oct 16-22)

This week in video game history . . . it’s a dog eat dog world, it’s time to split again, we look at Resident Evil (but with swords), and a greatly overlooked Sega console. Bully (2006) This week in 2006, Rockstar Games released Bully, also known as Canis Canem Edit. Bully is an open-world adventure and […]

Hidden Gem Reviews: Second Sight

Title: SECOND SIGHT Platform: XBOX, PS2, GAMECUBE, PC Released: 2004 Genre: 3RD PERSON ACTION/STEALTH Developer: FREE RADICAL DESIGN Second Sight is a single player 3rd person action game with stealth elements from the same folks who brought us the legendary FPS series TimeSplitters. It is largely unknown because of the poor and unfortunate timing of […]