The Best Video Game Adaptions

Video game adaptions are fairly common. Video game movies tend to be sub-par, while televised series are rather hit or miss. However, there’s more styles of video game adaptions than just games being adapted themselves. Often video games are themselves an adaption. Be it a book, comic, or movie, video games have become a platform […]

5 Great Games Coming Out This Month: January 2019

As we enjoy our newly-gifted games and say goodbye to the Christmas season, so to do we look forward to next month’s game lineup. 2018 has brought some great choices for gamers, but 2019 looks to be shaping up for some good releases as well. This January alone seems to bring some exciting experiences. Not […]

The Walking Dead: What Killed My Interest.

The Walking Dead

One has to ask, is The Walking Dead still relevant? Will this be the season where it concludes the final chapter? Many seem to think so, year after year. It’s this love/hate relationship some people have over the series as well. People don’t want the same thing thrown at their face. They often don’t want […]