Naughty Dog has officially announced that it has delayed The Last of Us Part II. Surprisingly, the game has moved from its original February 21st, 2020 launch to May 29th, 2020. This has surely shocked most, if not all, of the gaming community. After all, we had had just received […]

In the last two console generations there has certainly been a rise in the significance of storytelling. Not just from the critics’ standpoint, but fans as well have begun to flock towards games with very deep and compelling narratives, even if the gameplay itself is just par. We’ve seen this […]

Jak and Daxter was originally developed by Naughty Dog and then published by Sony for the PS2. The series never moved onto the next generation of consoles in anyway besides ports. Outside of the PS2 the series only had original titles released on the PSP. The series is long overdue for a second chance, but just how viable is a […]

Like it or not, we’re in the age of DLC. From simple cosmetic items to full-on story expansions, almost every major game released in the last ten or so years has had some form of downloadable content released after its launch. As the all-digital future gets closer and closer, it’s clear […]

For as long as fiction has existed, people have always wondered, “What would happen if my favorite characters that could never meet actually met?” Crossovers are nothing new in video games. From character brawlers like Smash Bros bringing Solid Snake in contact with Wario’s farts, to a hint that The […]

As lovers of video games here at our humble community, Culture of Gaming, we not only love new games but we can’t wait for sequels to new games as well. But what happens when sequels to these games that we love feel unnecessary? When does too much of a good […]

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never felt so conflicted when giving my thoughts about something. Sony said from the outset that they were going to try something a little different this time around. Instead of a usual press conference like in years past, we would instead be getting a […]

Remastered video games are a funny thing. They are becoming increasingly common, yet they are fairly controversial. A lot of gamers wonder why developers and publishers focus their time, energy, and resources on “old” games instead of new ones. It’s a conversation I’ve had many times with friends myself. This […]