Games That Deserve All Their Rereleases

There are a lot of games that seem to get rereleased over and over. Some, you ask yourself why… but there are other rereleases that will always deserve rereleases. The following are three games that get rereleased over and over, but certainly deserve it. Tetris It would be easier to list the consoles that Tetris […]

Nintendo Files Patent for a Game Boy Phone Case

Game Boy Poster

Have you been begging for a Game Boy Classic to play Pokémon like the good ol’ days? Well, as it turns out, Nintendo might be making one… kind of! In the wake of the NES and SNES Classic editions, a patent for a Game Boy-style smart-phone case was published on September 27. According to the […]

Top Five Best Nintendo Consoles

When given the task of making a top five consoles list, I came to the realization that I do not have much experience with certain consoles such as any of the Atari or Jaguar consoles. Then I thought of the company of which I have had the most experience and fond memories. I thought of […]