Pictures of a supposed LEGO set revolving around the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) have surfaced, which has caused LEGO themselves to post a tease for the new kit. As seen in an article posted earlier today, VJGamer obtained images of what appears to be a LEGO model focusing on […]

Ever since the release of the Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, many have wondered what the games industry legend will work on next. Well, a recent tweet by the developer may indicate some sort of Death Stranding sequel is coming. Kojima has recently discussed that he has been collaborating with Kojima Productions […]

Gearbox Software released a new Borderlands trailer today teasing new information about the new villains, returning characters, and the overall plot. While the trailer is more of a camera moving around a sill mural of the Borderlands cast doing their thing and looking cool to the tune of “Fools of […]