Unannounced Games That Need To Be Announced in 2019


While we know a lot of games are coming out in 2019, there are still a few question marks. Games like Animal Crossing, The Last of Us Part II, Pokémon, and the next Star Wars title are coming—we just don’t know their exact release dates. The following are all games that have either been teased, […]

Live-Action Adaptations: Are we creating too many?

Live-Action Adaptation: Pinocchio

With some notable creations coming to life, or that have already come to life, live-action is not a bad take from animated predecessors. There are many franchises that have gone through production, only to be met with less than stellar success. Some were only successes as they held the brand over their heads. Other live-action […]

Superman Replacement & Matt Turns into a Giraffe – Power Up Podcast Episode 37

The team discusses Raytracing, The RTX series GPU’s, Superman Actors & Matt gets branded a giraffe. This is Power Up Podcast Episode 37. Check out some of the previous Power Up podcast Episodes below. You can watch Episode 36 Here You can watch Episode 35 Here Check Out the previous Episodes of the Retro Rumble […]