It will be man versus beast on Shudder. Chris Sun’s Boar along with a selection of Queer Horror and Elijah Wood podcast Visitations are coming to the premiere horror streaming service in June. BOAR (2017) — available Thursday, June 6 Director: Chris Sun, Cast: Nathan Jones, Bill Moseley, Hugh Sheridan […]

Rocky Balboa’s battles in and out of the boxing ring and Earth’s fight against an alien invasion in the Species film franchise are coming to Amazon Prime Video this month. Also coming up are these highlights: Chasing Happiness: Filled with never-before-seen footage of the brothers’ early days, Chasing Happiness is a […]

Issa López’s stunning dark fairy tale – Tigers Are Not Afraid – will be premiering on Shudder, the horror streaming service, later this year. Tigers Are Not Afraid tells the gripping story of orphans living through the Mexican drug wars. The movie is told through the children’s eyes, which is […]

In a world where everything consists of streaming and subscription services, it seemed inevitable that Disney would enter the game at some point. Sure enough, the House of Mouse officially unveiled the contents of their newest streaming service, Disney+, during their Investor Day Webcast. With all the content and accessibility […]

After eons, Valve is updating Steam’s UI to fit a more modern look. In a talk at GDC, Alden Kroll, who works at Valve, showed announced the new UI update. Valve also released some new screenshots, which you can view above. The new update will shift around a number of […]