The Current Gaming Deals

The Freebies First, there are a lot of games that are currently free for you to pick up. Thimbleweed Park- Epic Games Store Created by Terrible Toybox, Inc, Thimbleweed Park places you in a strange park, and sets you off on a mystery. You play as five various characters as you work to uncover all the clues. […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Review

Star Wars is an iconic franchise. The movies were magical and the original trilogy still holds up today. The characters were well developed and grew throughout the three movies. Han Solo went from a smuggler to a likable hero. Luke Skywalker trained for days to finally defeat his father, Darth Vader and superseded a hero […]

The Top 5 Lego Games of All Time

Here’s a joke: what do you get when you mix the most famous toy brand on earth with some of the most famous movies of all time? Traveler’s Tales Lego Games! …well, it’s not really a joke as much as it is a fact, but still, it’s hard to imagine that such a collision of […]

How To Make A Good Remake

When you hear the word video game, which games come into focus in your mind? If I had to guess, I would say a game that you think defines the entire genre. Perhaps you think about a game that, in your mind, never needs to be remade. But what makes a remake of a video game […]

Dishonored, Star Wars, Comics, and everything in-between: The Michael Moreci Interview

Michael Moreci is the anti-Galactus. He doesn’t devour worlds, he creates them. He fashioned his own original comics such as Roche Limit, Curse and Burning Fields. As well, he has worked on such established books as Suicide Squad, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Superman for DC Comics. A die-hard gamer, Moreci is currently working […]

‘Star Wars’ Games: What Genres Can Be Explored?

Previously, we discussed what the future of Star Wars video games could look like. While that focused more on the business side of things, this will be more focused on the creative side. If you recall, I previously called for Star Wars games to move away from the films, and focus on unexplored time periods. Here, we are going to look at some […]