Starlink And How To Save Star Fox

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is finally out. And if review scores are a sign of anything, it’s pretty good. If the Nintendo Switch version has an advantage over the other versions, it’s not that more kids play the Switch. No, it’s Ubisoft’s permission to use Star Fox. Hey Einstein, I’m On Your Side Given Nintendo’s […]

Super Smash Bros Blog Summary Aug 27 to Sep 2

Smash Bros

Is it December 7 yet? Well now that it’s September at least Smash Bros. is only three months away. Yet, Sakurai teases us daily with his relentless stream of updates. Despite my incessant whining, I can’t imagine a world without these nurturing blog posts. Thank you, Sakurai, for your — almost — daily blog posts […]

Starlink May Hide More Than A Leaked Character

One cannot deny that Nintendo showed its support for Ubisoft during E3. Ubisoft revealed that Fox McCloud from Star Fox would be playable in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Well, Ubisoft’s new toys to life venture had another reveal this past Gamescom… albeit accidentally. IGN released a promotional video for Gamescom that quickly got removed. IGN […]

Game Crossovers That Actually Make Sense

For as long as fiction has existed, people have always wondered, “What would happen if my favorite characters that could never meet actually met?” Crossovers are nothing new in video games. From character brawlers like Smash Bros bringing Solid Snake in contact with Wario’s farts, to a hint that The Last of Us is the […]

What Should We Expect from Nintendo’s E3 in 2018?

E3 has always been something that gamers look forward to and it’s very hard to determine what to expect. However, several explosive goodies are dropped onto the big E3 stage. These explosive goodies are supposed to excite the crowds and could be video games or consoles. Explosive goodies or not, however, it should be an […]