Sports games nowadays comes in two flavors: either you have games that simulate the sport as realistically as possible or those that go ahead and make it animated and over-the-top. That isn’t to say both can’t live in harmony with each other, but with a recent trend of sports titles […]

Sports games are evolving in the recent years and adapting to a newer generation. The days of Madden seem to be coming to a close as games like Rocket League and new addition Roller Champions start to take the scene. So does this mean that the old school sports games […]

Thinking back to how video gaming was still regarded just a decade or so ago, it’s remarkable to see how time and technology have changed opinions. In the 1980s and 1990s, avid gamers were often regarded as nerds and basement dwellers, or social outcasts who had nothing better to do […]

Sports games have been around for as long as the video game industry itself has been. For a while now, each sport’s community has had to accept a new game being published every year. Even though there are very minor graphical and technical improvements over the year before. Add in […]

The idea of future sports is an interesting staple in video games. Sometimes, these sports are a modern sport but with extra technology such as the classic Blood Bowl which was football with robots. Other times, it can be a completely original sport such as Rocket League. Future Grind takes […]

It’s coming back, it’s coming back, it’s coming, Football’s coming back. The football season has finally started again this week. With all the major European leagues having already played their first fixtures I thought it best to have a look at some of the best football games ever made to […]

The Crew is joined by Matt and John as E3 is just underway and EA was a letdown, They discuss their E3 hopefully, how EA fared and what conferences they are looking forward to. (This is a more relaxed episode of the Power Up Podcast due to E3)

Today marks the start of the first ever Overwatch league, and with it, a new chapter of eSports. ESports are on their way to becoming full-fledged franchises similar to the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Professional sports based on video games, also known as eSports, have been a part of the […]

Monster Jam: Crush It! Release Date: October 31, 2017 (US) Platform: Nintendo Switch Publisher: GameMill Entertainment Developer: TEAM-6 Genre: Racing, Sports ESRB Rating: E for Everyone MSRP: $39.99 Monster Jam is back, bringing its latest iteration to the Nintendo Switch console. Originally released in October 2016, Monster Jam: Crush It! […]