The Best Video Game Adaptions

Video game adaptions are fairly common. Video game movies tend to be sub-par, while televised series are rather hit or miss. However, there’s more styles of video game adaptions than just games being adapted themselves. Often video games are themselves an adaption. Be it a book, comic, or movie, video games have become a platform […]

Unannounced Games That Need To Be Announced in 2019


While we know a lot of games are coming out in 2019, there are still a few question marks. Games like Animal Crossing, The Last of Us Part II, Pokémon, and the next Star Wars title are coming—we just don’t know their exact release dates. The following are all games that have either been teased, […]

Power Up Podcast Episode 11 – Dad of War & Splinter Cell Leak

  This week, join Taylor, Andrew & Anthony as well as a newcomer to the show Mike as they discuss God/Dad of War predictions. As well as Ubisoft’s plans for their future & a potential Splinter Cell release date and leak. Join us every week on Twitch at – Follow us on Facebook at – […]