The Best eShop Deals Ending Soon There’s no time like the present to be playing some great games, and for those of us with Nintendo Switch’s there are some great deals. A handful of these run out very soon, so be sure to grab these eShop deals whilst you still can! Disclaimer: […]

Nintendo has always managed to go beyond the standards when it comes to video game music. From the original Super Mario Bros. theme to the many classic tunes from The Legend of Zelda franchise, the company has always perfectly represented the tones of its games with a wide array of musical classics. This […]

The word ‘accessible’ is frequently tossed about as a derogatory term by a lot of gamers. Supposedly, the label of ‘accessible’ denotes a distinct lack of skill required to succeed in a game. As a result, those who play accessible games are either kids, old, or just plain bad at games. […]