Live-Action Novelties: Where do we draw the line?

Live-Action Novelty

With the recent reveal of a new live-action movie in the works — Sonic the Hedgehog — things seem to be taking another turn. Live-action film has become such a novelty. We are starting to get more movies that make little to no sense. One could say that Detective Pikachu isn’t a bad adaptation, but if you […]

Are Video Game Movies Finally on the Rise?

Video game movies have always had a bad reputation. More often than not, these cinematic adaptations fail to portray what gamers love about the source material. This stigma lives on with video game movies to this very day. Because of this, any news involving a video game movie doesn’t usually get met with praise, leading […]

The Return of Mascot Kart Racing Games


It is becoming more apparent that Crash Team Racing is getting the remaster treatment and will be shown at the Game Awards this Thursday. In all seriousness, this is not too much of a surprise. CTR was one of the most popular kart racing games in the 90’s.  After the success of the N. Sane […]

The Top Five Villains In Gaming

Villains: Ganondorf

Earlier this week, we discussed the Top Five Heroes In Gaming. However, we all know, a great hero is nothing without an equally notorious evildoer. A villain has no remorse for others and can pose the greatest threats to the forces of good. The greatest of villains, though, have unique qualities that separate them from the […]

Video Game Music and Hip-Hop

Video Game Music and Hip Hop

The amalgamation of video game music and hip-hop has been present ever since the gaming boom of the 80s. Both sub-genres have made it into the mainstream due to the lengthy success of the SNES and artists calling back to their favorite games for the nostalgia value. The motherboard for the SNES contains two sound […]

Five Kinds of Games You Can Jump In At Any Point


We’ve all felt that pit in our stomachs. The horror. The feeling of wanting to get into a game series, but the series has gone on for far too long. You think you would only get lost if you tried to enter the series. Never fear. I have the solution for your games. Just jump […]

Top Five Surprisingly Terrifying Game Worlds To Live In

This week, we at Culture of Gaming are hard at work putting together the list of Top 25 Best Platformers. Such a massive site-wide undertaking leaves one immersed in video games and their worlds. Which got me thinking, “which game world would I actually like to live in, if given the choice?” Then I think, […]