If there’s one thing media has never been shy of warning us away from, it’s the dangers of robotics. From Terminator to Wall-E, robots are associated with the cessation of human life as we know it. Video-games are no exception to this, with robots primarily ruling wastelands and ruined worlds. […]

While only recently has a serious challenger to Steam’s retail supremacy emerged, the Epic store is far from the first to offer an alternative. Founded in 2010, Humble Bundle has been serving up games to customers for ages. While most have at least a tertiary awareness of their monthly bundles […]

Frictional Games has done it again. This studio has created an utterly creepy, first-person thriller. SOMA‘s atmosphere is perfect for a horror game as the constant reminder of being underwater makes the player feel helpless and alone. With minor frame rate drops, a few bugs and a bittersweet story, SOMA for the Xbox One […]