We can enhance it. We have the power. One of the great perks of PC gaming is the ability to adjust resolution and add anti-aliasing. Getting the best visuals out of your gaming products has been the goal of gamers for decades. Unfortunately, console gamers have long been at the […]

I know I spoke harshly about Nintendo in the past, but the truth remains I love the Big N. They offered me some of my greatest gaming memories as a kid and even some on the college campus. Despite my earlier article on how Nintendo could do better, I love […]

When the original NES Classic sold out in stores everywhere, Nintendo seemed almost caught off guard with how much success it garnered. They had no plans on releasing any more of the mini NES consoles. They would not make the same mistake again. The following year they released a similar […]

One of my most memorable experiences as a child was on Christmas morning of 1993 unwrapping my Super Nintendo Entertainment System bundled with Super Mario World. Little did I know that I would experience the same feeling over 20 years later as an adult standing in line at Walmart, when […]

Check out our unboxing of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition and also takes a look at the Playing With Super Power Guide! SNES Classic Games List • Contra III: The Alien Wars • Donkey Kong Country • EarthBound™ • Final Fantasy III • F-ZERO • Kirby Super Star […]