‘Annual franchises’ seem to have become a staple of the video game industry. The gaming landscape just wouldn’t be the same without the yearly sports titles and Call of Duty‘s. The pervasive sequel culture reeks of anti-consumer knavery on the behalf of the developers. We want something fresh, not the […]

A new season of Rainbow Six: Siege is coming up, and once more we find ourselves with two more operators joining and a map rework. This season’s name is Operation: Phantom Sight, which likely got its name from our new Attacker and Defender Operators. So let’s not waste any time […]

In recent years, the gaming industry has started to see a change in how AAA games are published and maintained. A new strategy emerged to ensure a series’ longevity. However, this ‘’new’’ strategy isn’t so new. In reality, It is a long-running strategy used in many video game series. The […]

Rainbow Six Siege is moving into Year 3 and with it, three new Operators are ready for action. Two of the new operators will make your fights against them a living nightmare if you are too reliant on your electronics. Death By Phone?! The first Operator from South Korea is an […]