I was recently allowed to try out the newly released Nintendo Switch version of Pawarumi, by Manufacture 43. Pawarumi is a modern shoot’em up set in a pre-Columbian inspired futuristic universe. You play Axo, pilot of the ship named Chukaru, the most powerful vessel in this world. Think of this […]

All forms of art and media are littered with varied and wondrous interpretations of humanity’s future. Most of them aren’t nearly nihilistic enough for my liking, but they’re an entertaining marvel nonetheless. Among the many mediums, video games are the best equipped to convey their depictions of the future. They […]

There’s something to be said for learning by doing. Sometimes the best way to teach is just throw the pupil into the deep end and shout “Sink or swim!”.  Despite the inherent risk of drowning, at least the person now knows how to swim. Or at least, not sink. Several […]


The world was introduced to Quantum Break on April 5, 2016. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment, famous for the first two installments of the Max Payne series, and Alan Wake. Quantum Break was a highly anticipated game when they revealed the game trailer at E3 2015. It had absolutely gorgeous graphics and […]

When I was first thrown into the desolate sci-fi world of HEVN, I was delightfully surprised by its dark atmosphere, sand-filled vistas, and ambient soundtrack. I expected a quiet, reflective adventure on the planet of Naic-29, gracefully complemented by compelling exploration and an array of equipment and weapons. But as […]

I have never experienced the game Asteroids. I’ve only ever heard of it in retro videos and articles. But Solaroids: Prologue is a game that takes the vision of the classic arcade shooter and remakes it to modern standards. Asteroids When I first heard that Solaroids was a redone vision of Asteroids, naturally I […]

Cbilab VR Studios is a Turkish based company hoping to put out their first game, Manmade, in May 2019. I say hoping because it is going to be an episodic game consisting of five chapters and Cbilab is going to be having a Kickstarter for season one on May 31. All […]