A new entry in 2K’s Mafia series could be announced in the coming months. Hangar 13, developers of Mafia 3, are set to announce their next project heavily rumoured to be Mafia 4. Hangar 13’s parent company 2K is set to go public with two upcoming projects. One from 2K […]

Though we may have entered a new year, the standard rumor regarding a new Switch Pro model still continues to arise. This time, a report seems to claim that the alleged console revision will soon enter the market in 2020. A Taiwanese website called DigiTimes has claimed that Nintendo is “reportedly planning […]

Smash For Switch Coming Soon? When it comes to trademarks, it could mean that a new game could be around the corner.  In the case of Nintendo, it can be a bit more difficult to decipher.  Japanese Nintendo noted a couple of trademarks by Nintendo recently.  These image trademarks include Amiibo, […]