I have been following Dreamscaper for some time now.  The first time I saw it was on Reddit over a year ago, and it left quite an impression on me.  And just the other day, the Duo dev team Afterburner Studios released the game on Steam’s Early Access.  One would […]

Snowhound Games’ Deep Sky Derelicts is a title you’d expect to be utterly indistinguishable from half a dozen others. Borrowing heavily from other procedurally generated dungeon crawlers like Darkest Dungeon, its core mechanics are more or less identical. But it innovates in so many small ways that it feels like […]

2018’s seminal rogue-lite, Dead Cells, will be getting a ‘massive’ DLC expansion soon. Not only will it be totally free, but you can catch a glimpse of it right now. Just today, Red Bull Gaming posted a documentary, with Dead Cells French developers, Motion Twin. It’s a fascinating and well-edited […]


Below is a beautiful, captivating experience that does all it can to push the player away from exploring to their heart’s content. As much as I wanted to continue diving deeper into the dark, mysterious underground world, the survival aspects of the game and the punishing high cost of dying […]

Roguelike games have always been challenging. In my opinion, RPGs that have permanent death are the most challenging of these kinds of games. These kinds of games take the whole concept of grinding and turn it on its head, by giving challenges and realistic expectations, and forcing you in a […]