This is our official break down of what Apex Legends Season 5 has to offer. From Legends to weapons to map changes, Season 5 is full of exciting new changes. Season 5’s New Legend: Loba Andrade Season 5 introduced us to a brand-new legend, Loba the “high society thief.” Her […]

Apex Legends Season 5 launches on May 12, 2020. Despite having to wait an extra week for Season 5, fans are excited to see what new content it brings with it. In preparation for the Season 5 launch, players have been scouring high and low for Easter eggs. As theories […]

It’s been a while since the latest release of a new Warframe, and the developers show no sign of slowing down with their latest release, Revenant, a Warframe capable of using sentient energy itself. This Eidolon/vampire inspired Warframe is the pinnacle of spin2win frames, so without further ado, let’s take […]

From Software’s Dark Souls series has inspired many similar titles since its launch such as Lords of The Fallen, The Surge, and Nioh.  While all of these titles are great games in their own right, none of them quite live up to the greatness of the souls series. Bandai Namco’s […]