As some players in Apex Legends continue to find ways to cheat, developers aren’t going to stop banning them anytime soon. A Respawn Community Manager on the r/apexlegends subreddit, has updated fans with their ‘Check In 5.10’. In other words, the post is a detailed explanation of the improvements patch 5.10 will bring to Apex. […]

Drew McCoy, executive producer for Apex Legends, has revealed Respawn Entertainment‘s plans for the future of their battle royale. In an EA blog post, McCoy explains that issues tend to arise with such a massive influx of players. Apex Legends‘ development team plans on prioritizing problems with server performance, cheaters, […]

Yesterday, EA and Respawn released their newest Titanfall game, Apex Legends, a battle royale with a class system similar to Overwatch. If that sounds disappointing to you, don’t lose hope! EA has confirmed that they have another Titanfall project in the works, although it might not be 3… In their […]