Splitgate: Arena Warfare is the Halo/Portal crossover We’ve Always Wanted

Say, do you like Portal? How about Halo? Well, how about a blend between the two? Piqued your interest? Well, it should; 1047 Games’ upcoming Splitgate: Arena Warfare is exactly that blend between Halo and Portal that we’ve secretly wanted but never bothered to ask for. It looks phenomenal. Portal Warfare Really, the concept for […]

Culture of Gaming’s Top 25 First-Person Shooters of All Time

First-person shooter

Love ’em or hate ’em, first person shooters have pretty much redefined the video game medium. We would argue they changed it for the better. Ever since the early 90s, the FPS genre has captured our imaginations (and sadistic pleasure) with immersive narratives, addictive gun mechanics, and fantastic online play. There’s something so addictively satisfying about […]