PUBG certainly isn’t in the cultural zeitgeist the way it was back in 2017, but developer PUBG Corp is doing their best to pull in new players despite intense competition from Fortnite. Just in the past few months, they’ve added in a new snowy map and brought the game to […]

This game was evaluated in an early access state. The developers of Fear The Wolves, Vostok, provided Culture of Gaming with a review copy. A New Challenger Approaches The battle royale genre is currently dominating the gaming scene right now, much like the survival/crafting genre did only a few years […]

The expression “gamer” describes many different cliques in different cultures. In today’s world, we mostly associate the saying with a person who is a fan of playing video games. Many in the gaming community have adopted the term, most wearing it as a title of honor. While this badge of […]

The toxicity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin gambling sites did little to hinder other companies from participating in the business practice. Many sites still take bets for CS: GO skins. However, the idea funneled its way into other games. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds skin gambling sites have emerged. Beginning earlier this year, […]