Pokémon Go’s September 2019 Community Day has ended, and with it, Niantic has decided to reveal details on its next event. The October 2019 Community Day will take place on October 12th and will feature the Gen 3 Pokémon: Trapinch. Increased Trapinch spawns will occur throughout the event, along with the chance to […]

Looking back on Nintendo’s most recent Direct on September 4th, one notices that they have a lot of good things coming up not only in this month, but for the rest of the quarter as well. A while ago, Nintendo decided that Nintendo Directs were the most efficient way to […]

The Pokémon Company has revealed the next date for more information on Pokémon Sword and Shield, and it’s only two days away! The Official Pokémon Twitter account posted a tweet earlier today stating that a “Galar research update” will occur on Wednesday, August 7th, at 6:00 AM PT/ 9:00 AM ET/ 2:00 PM BST. […]

Niantic has recently revealed the newest pokémon coming to Raid Battles in Pokémon Go. As the Armored Mewtwo event closes, Shiny Rayquaza will begin to appear in its places beginning on July 31st at 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM ET, and 9:00 PM BST. The event will continue until September 2nd of the […]

The Nintendo Company announced today the release of their cheaper variant to the Nintendo Switch home console. Named, The Nintendo Switch Lite, the console will be a handheld exclusive; which means users wont be able to connect to a TV. The Nintendo switch lite will be available for purchase on […]

The Pokémon Company and co-developer DeNA presented more info regarding their new smartphone game, Pokémon Masters during a stream earlier today. The game premiered during the Pokémon 2019 Press Conference earlier this year. It originally had a release window of 2019, and has now has been confirmed for a Summer […]

Every month, Pokémon GO holds Community Day event where players can encounter special Pokémon with exclusive abilities. The Pokémon GO Community Day for July will include the fan-favorite water starter, Mudkip. Similarly to past Community Days, the event will allow players to encounter a shiny Mudkip. The shiny Mudkip and […]