With Pokémon Sword and Shield less than two weeks away, it seems that leaks have begun to flood the internet over the weekend. This includes new Pokémon, Galarian Forms, and Gigantamax Forms just to name a few. Pretty much any information that you wish to find has been dumped somewhere for you. […]

Since its first appearance during the 24-hour Pokémon livestream, we finally have official confirmation of the new Galarian Ponyta that has excited fans everywhere. The Pokémon Company has revealed Galarian Ponyta as the newest addition to Pokémon Sword and Shield (surprising no one). While the newest  trailer doesn’t provide much details, more […]

With the games’ November 15 release date edging ever closer, details of Pokémon Sword & Shield are slowly trickling out. This week, fans were given yet another taste of things to come with the reveal of a new Pokémon – Sirfetch’d, the Galar-exclusive evolution of Farfetch’d. Earlier this week, The […]

The Pokémon Company has revealed the next date for more information on Pokémon Sword and Shield, and it’s only two days away! The Official Pokémon Twitter account posted a tweet earlier today stating that a “Galar research update” will occur on Wednesday, August 7th, at 6:00 AM PT/ 9:00 AM ET/ 2:00 PM BST. […]