Nintendo Addresses Smash Bros Save File Corrupting Glitch

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Earlier this week, Smash Bros fans were non-delightfully surprised when Piranha Plant, the newest Smash Ultimate fighter, caused a save file-corrupting bug. By using the character in all-star mode, many’s save file’s would become unusable, potentially losing hours of progress. Today, Nintendo addressed (or acknowledged) the bug. Via a statement given to Newsweek, Nintendo updated […]

Power Up Podcast – Nintendo Direct Special

We have a very special Power Up Podcast Episode for you this week. Taylor, Anthony, Ethan, Omar & John all gather to discuss Smash Ultimate Nintendo Direct news & analyse just what Nintendo will be offering in this Super Smash Bros. one of our many news or podcast topics is via social media. Facebook – […]

In Defense of Piranha Plant for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Piranha Plant

Super Smash Bros has always been a team of all-stars – a crew of the most recognizable figures in all of video game culture. I mean, stop and think about it for second: Pacman, Mario, and Sonic are in (*deep breaths*) the same video game. Nobody would’ve thought that was remotely possible twenty years ago! […]