5 Things Nintendo Should Show In A Possible January 2019 Direct

As many of us know, rumors of a possible Nintendo Direct have spread massively through the internet. While Nintendo themselves have not confirmed anything just yet, most of the gaming community agrees that some sort of announcement will come soon. With that said, what could we exactly see during this January Direct? When you consider all of […]

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Red Steel 1 and 2 get Updates and Sales

Developer XSeed updated The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I and II yesterday on Steam and Humble Bundle. The update added a number of new features and graphical improvements to both games and their DLCs. The most notable of these features is Japanese voice acting. Previously, western players were only to hear the English dubs […]

Culture of Gaming’s Top 50 RPGs of All Time

Top 50 RPG's

We writers at Culture of Gaming strongly believe that role-playing games are absolutely wonderful. “But what kind of RPGs do you mean?” All of them! JRPGs, WRPGs, MMORPGs, CRPGs, action RPGs, open-world RPGs – they’re all fantastic! They’ve given us some of the richest systems, most incredible stories, and most engrossing atmospheres in the entire […]

Top 5 Third-Party Games That Should Be On the Nintendo Switch

We all have that one game that we desperately want to see added to the Nintendo Switch. The idea of taking games anywhere and playing whenever you want just makes purchasing them more and more appealing. With third-party games like DOOM and Skyrim receiving versions on Nintendo’s newest console, there are still plenty of current and […]