Congratulations, Possum House Games, I’m officially scared of the dark again. What game was terrifying enough to turn me into a nervous wreck? Astonishingly, it’s a pixel game. A quaint little platforming shooter called Shot in the Dark. Despite its no-frills artistic style, Shot in the Dark managed to raise my pulse […]

Kinetic Edge is the latest game from SCT and is a very fun and challenging Puzzle – Racing game that will have you playing for hours. Playing Kinetic Edge was a completely new experience for me, I don’t usually play puzzle games but I found myself enjoying the game from […]

SuperMash is a multicart thrown into a blender. I distinctly remember my first exposure to multicarts. I had just popped in Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits for the N64, and my mind was a tizzy with excitement. How could gaming get any better than this? This experience brought back even older […]

As we launch ourselves into the 2021, it can be a chore waiting for the newest releases to come  out. Luckily, 2020 was a fantastic year for video games and there is a plethora of wonderful  games to choose from. Here are the best choices from 2020 to lead into […]

World of Warcraft Classic attracts players of all age groups, and the game is popular in different parts of the world. To do well in the game, you can purchase WoW services, as it will help you progress fast. But it’s important to choose a reliable service provider while purchasing […]

Have you got the itch to play something new? With a vast gaming world out there, it can be incredibly difficult to pick the next game you want to play. Here are some questions you could ask yourself if you want to whittle things down to a title.  (Image […]

Time for some more Counter Strike eSports news! The biggest story this week comes from the BLAST Premier Fall finals, where the players of Vitality and Mousesports refused the tournament organisers access to voice comms, in what is a pretty huge turn of events! Over the last few months tournament […]

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