Overwatch 2 has been announced a few days ago at BlizzCon. However, Blizzard didn’t give any information about the release date of the title, and that’s because they simply don’t know when the game will launch. In an interview with VG247, Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch‘s Game Director, said that they aren’t […]

The esports industry has been thriving for years now and the scene is constantly growing. More and more people are looking to build a career as a pro gamer or streamer. The opportunities are endless and this article will provide an overview of the five biggest esports of 2019. There […]

We are less than two weeks away from Blizzard‘s premier convention, Blizzcon and people around the world are can’t hold back their excitement about the event. Of course, if you were to follow the recent happenings of Activision-Blizzard, there’s an excellent chance you want to watch the show for other reasons. […]

For as much as one can hope that the Overwatch Halloween Terror event will be their most exciting year yet, we find ourselves in a rather awkward position. At the time when Summer Games came out, many raised concerns about the disappointing layout and how Jeff of the Overwatch Team confirmed […]

Looking back on Nintendo’s most recent Direct on September 4th, one notices that they have a lot of good things coming up not only in this month, but for the rest of the quarter as well. A while ago, Nintendo decided that Nintendo Directs were the most efficient way to […]

Role Queue is coming to Overwatch‘s main servers soon, bringing with it a renaissance for the game. Where previously, games would have several DPS with no tanks or supports, players are now allowed to pick what role they want, meaning they can finally play the one or two characters they […]

The last week has been a wild series of ups and downs for Overwatch. While Summer Games started out of nowhere, the event itself left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Blizzard didn’t waste any time in announcing Role Queue. Furthermore, changes are being made to the overall Overwatch experience […]