Culture of Gaming’s 50 Greatest Video Game Weapons

Video game weapons

Video games are a violent medium. We shoot, stab, slice, nuke, punch, bulldoze, swing, and skewer our way through baddies… and all for what? For the cathartic, sadistic pleasure of pretending to kill something without consequences? Well… yeah! It’s because of the same adrenaline rush we get from watching an action movie or reading a […]

10 Games That Would Make Great Anime Adaptations

Ever wondered how a game’s story or setting might translate into another form of media like a TV show or movies? I take a look at some games I think would make for great anime adaptations. Spoiler Free 10. Doki Doki Literature Club Considering the best in horror anime is Higurashi, there is certainly plenty […]

What can we Expect from Capcom at E3 2018?

As we get ready for E3 next month, we speculate on what we will get in terms of surprise reveals and upcoming games. While many pay close attention to the big three, or some of the publishers with a high presence at the show, we will turn our focus today to Capcom. Capcom sits at […]

Rumor: Okami HD Heading to PS4 and Xbox One This Holiday

The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu could be making her return to current generation consoles.  Capcom is reportedly porting Okami to the PS4 and Xbox One for a December release, according to two sources identified by Kotaku UK. The sources, two different European retail chains, have added Okami HD to their list of upcoming physical releases. Both retailers coming from different […]