Virtual reality has received many criticisms since its release in 2016 such as it being just a fad, too expensive, and being just plain bulky. Well that was three years ago when VR was new with not too many games making full use of the VR experience. Well now it’s […]

With VR games on the rise, especially with the releases seen this year and next, there are good titles. However, if you want a solid strategy game slighted with hints of RPG mechanics, PlanTechtor may be for you! From Guild Wars 2 design director Isaiah Cartwright, and former ArenaNet developer […]

From an outsider’s perspective, where I currently sit, VR seems very niche. It doesn’t feel much like something a console or PC gamer like me would just dive into. My retro collection is very large, nearly 10 times the size of games I have bought for current generation consoles. So, […]


Arca’s Path, the colorful ball-rolling VR game revealed this past E3, got a brief developer diary video just yesterday. In the second “dev diary” that game studio Dream Reality Interactive has published, creative lead Albert Bentall and a few of his team members take a look at the story of […]

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the demo for the upcoming game from Cbilab VR Studios Manmade. If you have not read the review, please check it out here. Soon after the article was posted, Culture of Gaming was contacted by a developer from Cbilab VR Studios. He said that […]