Starxium 20XX Launches Kickstarter

starxium 20xx

Starxium 20XX, the first game by The Midnight Team, has just launched its Kickstarter. The Midnight Team is a one-man studio run by Hugo Attal who is the creator, developer, game designer, graphist, composer, 3D modeler, webmaster, community manager, designer and marketer of Starxium 20XX. A neon-lit callback to the 80’s, Starxium is a competitive four-on-four […]

The Return of Mascot Kart Racing Games


It is becoming more apparent that Crash Team Racing is getting the remaster treatment and will be shown at the Game Awards this Thursday. In all seriousness, this is not too much of a surprise. CTR was one of the most popular kart racing games in the 90’s.  After the success of the N. Sane […]

Street Fighter V Added New Sets Of Costumes Today

Street Fighter V added new sets of both holiday and nostalgia themed costumes on November 29, 2017. As Christmas approaches, Capcom unveiled these costumes. These costumes use a holiday theme. However, in addition to these costumes, Capcom will also be releasing a few retro-themed costumes for many different characters. ‘Tis The Season 10 DLC costumes release […]

Microsoft is bringing back the original giant xbox controller

Xbox controller

It’s Nostalgia time again! Here’s one for you nostalgia heads out there. Xbox co-founder Seamus Blackley has confirmed that the original Xbox controller will be making a return. The controller known as “The Duke” has a cult following as large as the hefty controller itself. In comparison to today’s Xbox controllers, the 2001 monolithic slab […]