While virtual reality is without a doubt a fantastic example of modern technology, it is certainly not without its drawbacks. With an increasing number of applications for VR comes an ever-evolving list of issues and concerns. As with any form of technology, VR is prone to malfunctions and can have […]

Nintendo recently dropped a giant bombshell on its fans regarding its newest Labo installment: the VR Kit. To the surprise of many, the company released a trailer revealing that its two most successful Switch titles, Super Mario Odyssey  and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will receive VR support. While Odyssey will […]

Say what you will about Nintendo, but one thing is for sure: they never fail to surprise. They are forever the most bizarre, unpredictable and frankly insane company out there. Where Sony and Microsoft root themselves in stubborn comfort zones with their hardware, Nintendo makes the hardware cardboard. It’s hard to […]