The 10 Best Black Friday 2018 Gaming Deals

Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, and luckily (if you’re a gamer) you likely won’t have to leave the house this year! There are plenty of video game deals this year, whether you’re a Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, or PC fan. Here are the ten best deals that we found: 1. Xbox One S Minecraft […]

5 3DS Games and Series that Should get Switch Ports

The Nintendo 3DS is the handheld that has started to fade away due to the ever growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch. Many feel that the device has become obsolete and that Nintendo should focus all of their resources on the newest console. Despite your stand on the issue, there’s no denying that the 3DS […]

Should Nintendo Still be Supporting the 3DS?

This week, Nintendo finally gave us what we’d been asking for since the Direct Mini in January. Fans had been clamouring for a more substantial, full-fat Direct with some bigger Switch-related announcements. And we certainly got that. While there was no Animal Crossing or Pokemon to be seen (titles some had perhaps unrealistically hoped for) it was by no […]

Hey! Pikmin Review


Release Date: July 13, 2017 Platforms: Nintendo 3DS Developers: Arzest ESRB: E 10+ MSRP: $39.99 Hey! Pikmin is brand new side-scrolling adventure set on the 3DS. You play as the lovable protagonist Captain Olimar and his squad of Pikmin. When your ship has crash landed on a mysterious alien planet you must gather enough fuel in […]

New Nintendo Direct on Wednesday

New Direct Incoming! We’re starting to roll into the holiday season and Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct this week.  On September 13 at 6 pm EST, Nintendo will share information for upcoming Switch and 3DS games.  With games coming this Fall, there will also be new details about Super Mario Odyssey. While the company did not […]