Unreleased NES game found after 30 years???

Unreleased NES Game?

The now defunct Japanese studio SETA developed an unreleased wrestling game for the NES in 1989. The game laid undiscovered for 30 years after that, until recently. A YouTuber by the name of Stephan Reese (AKA Archon 1981) uploaded a video, giving us some commentary and gameplay. The game is titled UWC (Universal Wrestling Corporation) […]

Nintendo Switch Ownership Guide

The Nintendo Switch is nearly two years old as we come to the end of 2018, and the holiday season is well upon us. The Switch is a hotter item than ever. In fact, Nintendo announced in a press release that according to Adobe Analytics, in the US, the Switch broke the all time record for […]

The Best Video Game Inspired Sneakers

The Best Video Game Inspired Sneakeers Featured Image

Thanks to the recent release of the PlayStation Classic, many online personalities received care packages from Sony to celebrate the release. Each care package containing, of course, the PlayStation Classic, a couple of hats and a set of video game inspired sneakers; the Nike PG 2.5 x PlayStation. The collaboration isn’t as strange as it […]

Five Weird Robot Masters

Mega Man 11 has hit store shelves, and I thought what better time to list off some really weird Robot Masters. Because this list only involves Robot Masters, this means no easy picks like Auto or Proto Man. And I may think that it’s strange that Roll has never been playable, but still. She’s not […]

Nintendo Switch Online is Functional, But it Could Be So Much More

Nintendo is late. What’s new, right? Nintendo’s paid service Nintendo Switch Online has finally been released more than a decade and a half after their competitors. It’s understandable, of course. Between the maintenance fees, electricity bills, employee wages, and server costs, maintaining an online game in 2018 can sometimes be more expensive than the initial […]

Are Console Exclusives Good News?

Gamescom exclusive games featured image

Gamescom is finally here and a bunch of games will receive announcements, release dates and hopefully, playable gameplay demos. All eyes will turn towards Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to see what they can offer in way of exclusives. Whilst this games development tactic may not always be the best for the consumer, it is extremely […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #03: Final Fantasy Part 1 – The NES/SNES era

Hey you, spooniest of bards! It’s time for this weeks episode of the Retro Rumble podcast. In today’s episode, Mike and David are joined by Aidan from the Culture of Gaming team to discuss NES and Super NES era Final Fantasy games and their personal history with this era of a legendary RPG series. Watch […]

Top Five Best Nintendo Consoles

When given the task of making a top five consoles list, I came to the realization that I do not have much experience with certain consoles such as any of the Atari or Jaguar consoles. Then I thought of the company of which I have had the most experience and fond memories. I thought of […]