IS VR READY FOR 2020? With all the talk about next-gen consoles on the horizon. I wanted to see how close we are to having a VR device mainstream in the gaming industry. Throughout the tech boom, several companies are trying to develop new technologies and trying to create new […]

Movie adaptations of video games are notoriously bad. It cannot be easy to translate the story, personality, and tone of a beloved game over to film, and Hollywood frequently reminds us of that struggle. However, there are a few notable exceptions that come close to doing our favorite games, justice. […]

Currently, the entertainment and media world is a booming sector. Its overpowering glamour casts a spell on the people irrespective of ages. The wide array of the entertainment sectors includes films, television, newspapers, news channels, radio, video games, music, and presently, social media. The media and entertainment companies have made […]

There are some television shows that appear readymade to be converted into a video game. Action and fantasy series are naturally suited as the basis for games, which is why we’ve seen a string of releases based on Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. However, game developers have also looked to more unlikely […]

The weekend is here and so is the pizza! Now, you just need something to watch. Here are several recommendations from the wonderful world of on-demand. Enjoy! NEW! Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein (Netflix) (12) Although you may have seen a trailer, I guarantee you didn’t know this was a mockumentary. […]

There used to be a time in video games where developers would make anything based on popular media. This was a chaotic time for games, relying mainly on the name behind the source material rather than good gameplay. It was a relative mass vomiting of mediocre games based on popular […]