5 Modern Games For The RPG Fan

If any of you follow my work, you know that I’m a huge RPG fan. While many see the genre as lengthy and complicated, others such as myself live for these enormous story-driven games. The ability to immerse yourself into a character and take part in magical and whimsical worlds just entices me. I’ve loved […]

JRPGs: Gaming’s Acquired Taste

What are JRPGs? JRPGs are pretty much responsible for the creation of the RPG genre, and have heavily influenced games ever since they became a thing. A JRPG is a Japanese Role-Playing Game. This basically just means that the game was developed by a Japanese team, and they usually have certain styles and tropes associated […]

Culture of Gaming’s Top 50 RPGs of All Time

Top 50 RPG's

We writers at Culture of Gaming strongly believe that role-playing games are absolutely wonderful. “But what kind of RPGs do you mean?” All of them! JRPGs, WRPGs, MMORPGs, CRPGs, action RPGs, open-world RPGs – they’re all fantastic! They’ve given us some of the richest systems, most incredible stories, and most engrossing atmospheres in the entire […]

The 5 Best Games of 2018 (So Far)

The first half of 2018 has delivered some spectacular games. Though we still have about five months remaining in the year, it seems safe to say that some potential Game of the Year contenders have already surfaced. From big-budget titles to small indie projects, 2018 has given birth to some of the greatest gaming experiences […]

Top 5 Third-Party Games That Should Be On the Nintendo Switch

We all have that one game that we desperately want to see added to the Nintendo Switch. The idea of taking games anywhere and playing whenever you want just makes purchasing them more and more appealing. With third-party games like DOOM and Skyrim receiving versions on Nintendo’s newest console, there are still plenty of current and […]

What can we Expect from Capcom at E3 2018?

As we get ready for E3 next month, we speculate on what we will get in terms of surprise reveals and upcoming games. While many pay close attention to the big three, or some of the publishers with a high presence at the show, we will turn our focus today to Capcom. Capcom sits at […]