Black Desert Online Keynote Scheduled for December

Black Desert Online

Fans of popular MMO Black Desert Online will be excited to hear that new content will be coming to the game soon. Pearl Abyss, developers of BDO, will be showing off this new content on the upcoming Black Desert Festa in Seoul, South Korea. While Pearl Abyss is being secretive about the full extent of […]

My Life as a Merchant

Merchant Lifestyle

People enjoy making money. You can earn your money through grinding, natural progression, or the markets without much sacrifice. Whether or not there are specifically tailored classes, you can still have fun. Remember the first online game you ever played or enjoyed? Remember that MMO you would dive into on occasion? Here, we’ll take a […]

Gamescom 2018 Fallout 76’s Latest Video Teaches Players How To Craft And Build

Every time we see one of these hilarious “instructional videos” they always make for a good laugh. This latest Vault-Tech video features a new device called c.a.m.p. This device makes it easier for emergent Vault 76 dwellers to survive, allowing them to craft supplies as needed and get a head start in the now barren landscape […]

Sunday Speculation: Anthem


E3 2017 revealed a lot of great upcoming titles, but one that really caught people’s attention was Anthem. The brains behind the hit series Mass Effect, Bioware, is developing what looks to be an MMORPG that will compete against games such as Destiny. As of right now, we know very little on the story or type of game […]