The annual Microsoft Build event kicked off today with a bunch of announcements, including the AR headset HoloLens 2. Microsoft showed off more than one AR-related product, however. More pertinently to gaming, Microsoft announced a Minecraft AR game for mobile phones. Towards the tail end of the conference, a trailer […]

As the list for unique Xbox One themes continues to grow, the Godzilla King of The Monsters theme definitely stands out. Tweeted by the official Xbox twitter account, four new Xbox One X designs are up for grabs through sweepstakes. The designs include Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah themes. The sweepstakes have already begun […]

Vaporum is a steampunk dungeon crawler heavily inspired by games like Eye of the Beholder. The gameplay takes place on a tile system, that dictates how the player can move. Each step moves one tile at a time. This means if the player is trapped in a corner, there is […]

For a while now, it seems that console wars take place online with fans. But actual the companies themselves don’t have to do anything themselves. To the average gamer, it may look like the trend is that Sony and Microsoft compete, and Nintendo is off doing its own thing. Then […]

The Fall of Reach At the beginning of April we heard from Brian Jarrad, the community director of 343 Industries, that testing for the long anticipated Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC version and Halo: Reach console addition would likely begin testing this month. That was if everything went according to their game plan. […]

“Tune in to the very first episode of State of Play, where we’ll share new updates and announcements for PS4 and PS VR software.” – Sony’s PlayStation Blog. Here we are, having to accept Sony’s departure from the E3 arena. So far both Nintendo and Microsoft have been having their […]

The past year has been another huge year for the remaking & remastering of games we all played in our younger days. This remake trend is chugging right along and is far from going away as more and more games are being remade left and right. Games such as Crash […]

When you go online to buy games digitally, you often come across independent game makers that love to pay homage. They pay homage to game generations long since passed. With love letters to the NES, SNES and Genesis abound, it’s less often that you see games in tribute to the […]

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