Capcom is on a roll, not only are they releasing collections of past games but they’re also remaking older beloved games. Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Monster Hunter are bigger than they have ever been before. Also, the company keeps bringing back collections of old franchises for fans seeking […]

Just when you thought you’d seen all the attempts to cash in on Overwatch’s groundbreaking reinvention of the FPS genre. We have Holfraine. A game set in the third person that not so subtlety prides itself as a game heavily inspired by the Overwatch format. Holfraine came to be through a successful kick-starter raising […]

Level creator games are certainly nothing new. The fact that sequels to Super Mario Maker, Dragon Quest Builders, and Minecraft were featured during this year’s E3 is proof enough of that. But I’d argue that not even the era of Little Big Planet stoked the flames of popularity of the […]

Ah, dogs: man’s best friend in every sense of the word. We love them so much that we put them in everything from books to movies. We even put them in video games. There’s no arguing that gamers adore seeing dogs in their favorite games. I mean, who wouldn’t want […]

Looking at the collection of failed video games this generation, especially this past year, we should take the time to step back. How would the market react today with some cancelled video games? Not about the ones based so much around popularity, but those that were based on older properties. […]