As a comic collector when I had a question about a particular character in the past I would pull out issues of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe or Who’s Who in the DC Universe to find the piece of information or answer I was looking for. Those resources were also great templates for use in the Marvel Super Heroes or DC Heroes role playing, table top games.

Titan Publishing and Marvel Entertainment are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the fantastic behind-the-scenes collector’s edition hardback; Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years – and yes, it has been 10 years! Marvel Studios The First 10 Years covers all the MCU movies in the past […]


The Marvel Universe is dominating pop culture. Avengers: Inifnity War just came out and is smashing records. And Spider-Man is coming to the PS4 in September. But what about after that? What other Marvel properties and characters could be adapted into video games? We already know that The Avengers will be receiving the video game treatment, […]