Loot Boxes and chance are a form of gambling. I don’t think I’m being controversial by saying that. Giving the player a chance to obtain high level loot, the best players, or shiny cosmetic items in exchange for a fee is, by definition, “taking risky action in the hope of a […]

Overwatch Archives Event: What’s New The Overwatch Archives event is a lore-based event that returns every spring. You can compete in special missions with a story focus, but the difference is, it’s your team against auto-baddies; usually you’re up against other players.  The three missions take place on the Venice, […]

It seems microtransactions are the talk of the town. Star Wars Battlefront II’s review bomb definitely showed that the disdain for microtransactions are not only shared by hard-core gamers but almost everyone. They frequently ruin a game or at the very least, the public’s opinion of the game. Are they […]