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Lego DC Super-Villains Review

When we used to run around the backyard playing superheroes as a kid, I was always one of the bad guys. Mostly, I was Lex Luthor or The Joker because I always found being a villain was much more fun and someone always had to be Superman or Batman. While they may have had superior strength and fighting skills, I had my gadgets and my brain.

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The Top 5 Lego Games of All Time

Here’s a joke: what do you get when you mix the most famous toy brand on earth with some of the most famous movies of all time? Traveler’s Tales Lego Games! …well, it’s not really a joke as much as it is a fact, but still, it’s...

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Lego The Incredibles Review

It has been some 14 years in the making but finally The Incredibles family has been Legoized. Besides being included in the now regrettably defunct Disney Infinity game – Yes, I enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles and the Star Wars a whole heck of a lot – and the entertaining Rise of the Underminer, Frozone and the Parr family haven’t carved out their niche in the video game universe until now. Lego The Incredibles does chisel out a place for them but with mixed results.

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Lego Ninjago Movie Game Review

The Buffalo, New York, television stations used to be kid’s dream here in Toronto. Starting at noon every Sunday afternoon and continuing all the way until dinner time, they would air all manner of classic monster, adventure and kung fu movies.

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