5 Most Exciting Nintendo Indie Direct Games

True to the Company’s nature, Nintendo decided to throw a curve ball at its audience by announcing an Indie presentation instead of the heavily expected January Direct. While this presentation likely dampens the chances of a main-line Direct, that doesn’t mean some great indie games weren’t announced. From RPGs to simulators, it seems like there was a […]

My Time at Portia Developers Reach out to their Unpaid Voice-Actors

My Time at Portia is an indie game that takes place in the post-apocalyptic town of Portia. In the game, the player must restore his Pa’s workshop to its former glory. Players can grow farms, in addition to rebuilding the town and interacting with the wonderfully voice-acted characters. Unfortunately, many of these voice-actors allegedly weren’t […]

Below Review (Xbox One)


Below is a beautiful, captivating experience that does all it can to push the player away from exploring to their heart’s content. As much as I wanted to continue diving deeper into the dark, mysterious underground world, the survival aspects of the game and the punishing high cost of dying pushed me away as much […]

Simulators for Life’s Choices – Escaping Reality!

Simulators - Life Choices

Lets talk about your life choices, but just the ones made in a simulation. We’ll focus on simulators that are about the everyday working class. In the current climate of simulators, we have almost everything one can ask for. From being a 911 operator, to a car mechanic, and even farming, there isn’t much left […]

PlanTechtor: A New VR Game Coming to Steam!


With VR games on the rise, especially with the releases seen this year and next, there are good titles. However, if you want a solid strategy game slighted with hints of RPG mechanics, PlanTechtor may be for you! From Guild Wars 2 design director Isaiah Cartwright, and former ArenaNet developer Lester Bloom, comes a new […]