Some of the best things about indie game dev are experimentation and building on past ideas. These are often risks that the AAA industry cannot afford to take when creating games that lean towards re-invigorating or re-imagining older game concepts. Hollow Knight and Dead Cells are Metroidvania games that are […]

Crying Suns is the latest in a long and storied lineage of tactical space-age rogue-lites. But while other games of its ilk are mired in complexity, it embodies their best features, forgoing their worst. The same could be said of the game’s narrative and tone, which proudly borrow from some […]

While only recently has a serious challenger to Steam’s retail supremacy emerged, the Epic store is far from the first to offer an alternative. Founded in 2010, Humble Bundle has been serving up games to customers for ages. While most have at least a tertiary awareness of their monthly bundles […]

Minecraft and Stardew Valley have had a baby, and its name is Staxel. This cute little indie game takes the best from both worlds and lumps it together. The result is a beautiful, vibrant cuboid world. Staxel, developed by Plukit and published by Humble Bundle, is at its core a […]